Do Animals Swim In Swimming Pools?

Here is the question, the real question, the question on everyone lips: What would the world look like if animals that aren’t humans ruled the world? What if all the giraffes ruled the world instead of all the humans?


What on earth would that look like? Well I guess everything would be higher up, and a lot of stuff on the ground, and things would be written in Giraffe instead of the various human languages, and swimming pools would be absolutely massive, like really, really big. HUGE! Ha!

Can you imagine the swimming pools you’d need?! And what about all the other stuff? What about the swimming pool pumps and covers that you’d need? Eh? What about all that stuff?


That’s a lot of things that would have to be different and we haven’t even moved beyond the problems of what we’d have to do if all the giraffes were in power and maybe wanted to swim in swimming pools with swimming pumps and covers. What if they wanted to go skiing? Can you imagine the size of the ski’s that you’d need for a giraffe? They would have to be at least two times bigger than normal human skis I reckon, two times!

It’s taken us two hundred words to cover swimming and skiing! There’s so much other stuff!

This is going to take a while…

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